Sydney Whale Watching Tours

Join a Sydney whale watching tour to see the annual humpback whale migration. Tours run between May – November.

Buy tickets to the best whale-watching tours from Sydney.

Find a tour that works for your group. We offer a variety of options and experiences. Small group and bigger boat tours are available to see whales off the Sydney coastline. Check the live availability and book online!

Why will you love a Sydney whale watching tour?

Sydney whale watching tours - up close to humpback whales from your boat

Get Up Close to Whales

Whale watching tours are the best way to get up close to migrating humpback whales. You’ll have the best view from the safety of the boat, keeping a safe distance not to disturb these beautiful mammals.
Dolphins can be seen from whale watching tours around Sydney

See All The Animals

Along with whales, you’ve got a good chance to see even more ocean animals. Dolphins, seals, and all kinds of marine animals can be found off the Sydney coast.
Humpback whale breaching

Make A Memory That Lasts

Seeing whales in their migration is truly beautiful. From them breaching and making a splash, to coasting with the new calves, plan your tour and see for yourself why whale-watching the most popular winter water activity.

Common questions about Sydney whale watching tours:

Where does the whale-watching tour start?

Your Sydney whale-watching tour departure location will differ depending on your boat cruise or tour. Most boat tours start from King St wharf in Darling Harbour, but some pick up from closer to Circular Quay or around the Rocks. Please read the tour description and check your tickets for when to meet your boat and where. For a map of the most popular Sydney wharfs, you can visit this handy page here.

What to expect on the day?

Whale-watching tours will depart from your pick-up location and head straight to sea. You’ll motor past the heads, exit Sydney Harbour into the open ocean, and start your tour to spot whales. The captain will know some great spots to go from earlier reports and keep an eye out for spurts of water coming from the whale as they surface.

What happens to my whale-watching tour in bad weather?

In bad weather, boats still tend to go out. Boat cruise cancellations don’t occur in rainy weather unless deemed unsafe. For a complete list of cancellation policies, please read each whale-watching tour’s terms and conditions carefully.

What’s included in my whale-watching tour?

The Sydney whale-watching tours typically for 2-4 hours. As these are sightseeing tours, the ticket price typically includes only the boat tour. If you would like water or snacks of food, please bring this along with you. Please read the product description carefully for a complete list of inclusions.

Are there bathrooms on my whale-watching tour?

The whale-watching tours will have a bathroom on board.

Please remember that these are marine toilets for boats with bathrooms on board. Only put what comes out of you into the toilet. Make sure you read any instructions in the bathroom for how to properly operate the restroom or check with the crew on board.

What should I bring on my boat cruise?

Each cruise is different, so read the what to bring section in the boat cruise description.

Whale-watching tours go out of the harbour and onto the open sea. These tours operate from May to November in the winter months of Australia. Dress appropriately for the weather, as additional clothing likely won’t be available outside of what you bring on board. Wind and waterproof clothing is recommended.

Most boats will have an area inside for cover. Bring comfortable shoes and heels are typically not allowed on the ship for safety reasons and to make sure it doesn’t damage the floor.

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