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Why Your Next Event Venue Should Be A Boat Hire On Sydney Harbour

May 15, 2022

When it comes to planning for an event venue in Sydney, there is a lot to consider. How big is my guest list? What kind of food should I serve? Will John bring out his embarrassing dance move again? How do I keep Nicole away from the DJ station? But most importantly, where should I host it?

Sydney offers many beautiful vantage points, and most of them point out to the harbour. So, why not have your event on it with a boat hire for 50 people, up to 900! 

Your wedding, corporate event, or even big ‘0’ birthday party will get a definite RSVP yes when you tell them the venue is on a boat on Sydney Harbour. 

Now for the best part, having the boat as your venue is really easy to organise! Once you know your list size and budget, the Sydney Harbour Days team can help you pick a boat or yacht to make your party one everyone will be talking about for years. 

Let’s take a look at some of the key considerations when choosing the perfect floating venue. 

Match the boat hire to your guest list

Let’s be honest, for large functions, it’s time to go big or stay home. We’ve got boats to match all guest sizes. So whether you’re looking for boat hire for 50 people, or 500, we’ve got you covered. 

From 360-degree glass wall function boats like Blue Room, to James Bond villain style mega yachts like Ghost 2, you’ll be able to make sure everyone you want and more can come aboard. 

Blue Room Sydney Boat Hire - Side View
Ghost 2 Boat Hire

Define your budget for your boat hire

Your budget is key. Knowing what budget you have to work with helps our team narrow down the list of suitable boats. With over 60 boats available to choose from, knowing what you have to work with helps us narrow down your boat hire options for your event.  

Many of the large boats do require a drink and catering package. For a drinks package, you’re looking at about $50/pp, and for catering, it can range from a simple BBQ or canapes option of $25 to the full on banquet buffet at $100/pp.  

If you’re looking to hire a boat for your wedding or corporate event, we typically will estimate a drinks, food and boat package to be around the $100-$150 range as an estimate. Here are some examples of some large function boats and their cost.

How much does a large function boat or yacht hire cost?

If you’re planning a wedding or a big corporate boat hire event, here is a simple breakdown for you covering a range of boats and budgets for groups of all sizes. 

Bella Vista

THE function boat! With a capacity of up to 950 guests, the all glass windows layout will provide your wedding party an experience and views they won’t forget. 

Catering: Canapes & standing buffet

Drinks: All inclusive flowing drinks package including spirits

Maximum Guest Capacity: 950 Guests

Total function boat hire cost – $53,400 or $57/pp

Jerry Bailey

Purpose built event catamaran with stylish and spacious entertainment areas. The saloon bar provides an intimate vantage point for taking in the views.

Catering: Cocktail grazing menu

Drinks: All inclusive beer and wine

Maximum Guest Capacity: 150 guests

Total boat hire cost: $14,250 or $95/pp

Ali B

Great multi-level catamaran with partly covered upper deck and spacious internal dining/entertaining area that can be converted to a dance floor. 

Catering: Antipasto, Cheese platters, sliders and salad 

Drinks: BYO or Pre-purchased options available

Maximum Guest Capacity: 45 guests

Total boat hire cost – $3,760 or $84/pp

Looking for more info on event boat pricing?

Choose the scene to match your boat party vibe

What’s your vibe? Is your party going to be a socialising cocktails and mingle event? A who’s got the best move birthday party? Or a formal sit down wedding at sea? Function boats can accommodate any type of arrangement to make sure you get that perfect event. 

Blue Room Sydney Boat Hire - Wrap around windows
Dining Setting on Bella Vista Large Function Boat Hire

Based on the boat your hire for your event, we can work with you to have everything set. From decorations, and table settings, to DJs, your Sydney Harbour boat party will put any land-based party to shame. 

Catering and drinks to match your style 

Don’t let an item missing off the checklist spoil your party. Choosing a fully catered food and drinks option can help set your mind at ease, so on the day, you need to show up, enjoy, and not worry about having forgotten something onshore. 

Your standard drinks options will usually set you back $46/pp for your boat hire, and for top-shelf drinks, including cocktails and top-shelf wine, you’re looking at $xx/pp. But when you think of it, this isn’t much different from your local pub. All the drinks will be chilled and ready to pour for your arrival, and most drinks packages come with a bar staff too. 

Instead of worrying about shopping, prepping, cooking, bringing the right condiments, and making sure you have a mix of vegan or gluten-free items, it’s simpler to pick your favourite options and have your food ready on arrival. Starting from $25/pp for a combination of canapes to a $100/pp seafood bonanza, we’ve got options of all types. 

If a BYO boat or yacht hire is an absolute must, bareboat hire options are available. We can work through pricing options for you to see what works best, and we’re always here to help you get the most out of your budget. 

Sydney Private Boat Hire - Catering Options
Moon Glider Boat Hire - Lunch

Service at its finest with wait staff and security

Staff is essential for your large function boat hire. They keep the drinks flowing, prepare the food, and ensure everyone has the best time. 

Depending on the size of your group, typically, event boats will have a staff ratio of 1:20. Normally, a cook will be on board to ensure that the food is on point. 

Depending on the group’s age range or size, security can also be available. For parties like school socials, or end of year functions, they will be required to make sure everyone has a safe and fun time. 

Finally, we can’t forget about the captain. While some of the guests may have their captains hat on and are ready for their boat-theme party, I’m sure they don’t have any time behind the wheel of one of these big vessels—all the boats we hire come with a crew to safely get your from the wharf to sea and back. 

Add on extras to create your vibe

Are you ready for that ultimate boat party? Looking for something to really lift your corporate or wedding boat party? We’ve got options for you!

Music makes the scent, so why not look to add your DJ to your boat function. Or is karaoke your thing? We’ve got you covered with a set-up that’ll let everyone get a turn to stretch their pipes and show off their tunes. 

Let’s step it up a bit; how about clay shooting at sea? Yup, this fun boat hire extra is a favourite for big birthday parties or corporate boat hires. Nothing creates team bonding like a bit of competition, right?

Is a boat hire the right venue for you?

A party at sea has a lot to offer. From yachts to large function boats, we’ll be able to help you find something that works for your group and, more importantly, your budget. 

Whether you’re exploring options or are already all-in on getting a boat, we’re here to help. Our team has helped people make magical memories for their wedding or plan their ultimate EOFY boat party. So, are you ready to get started? Request a quote today for you next event.


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