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Host Your Own Below Deck Themed Superyacht Experience on Sydney Harbour!

January 16, 2024

Ahoy, adventure-seekers and dream-chasers! It’s that time of year again when Below Deck sails onto our screens, making us drool over those jaw-dropping superyachts. But guess what? You don’t need to pack your bags and hop on a plane to the Mediterranean to live out your Below Deck dreams. Nope, your superyacht wonderland, offering the same luxury experience seen on your screen is available right here on Sydney Harbour. Are you ready to live your best life while still leaving your passport at home?

Hire a Yacht on Sydney Harbour

We’re going to show you how your Sydney Superyacht charter can be even better than what you see on TV, and best of all, no long airport lines, or uncomfortable flight. Let’s break down the ultimate Yacht charter on Sydney Harbour.

No Flights, No Long Queues, No Passport, No Worries!

There’s no need to rack up those frequent flyer points to experience the good life on a yacht. Sydney Harbour is where it’s at, and it’s practically at your doorstep! No more hours of crammed flights – you can swap that for instant yacht-worthy vibes right here in Aus.

Sydney is one of the sunniest places in the world, so why travel for something you’re going to get in your own backyard? Both the Mediterranean and Sydney boast an average of 300 sunny days a year, so, you’re bound to get similar weather without needing to pack your bags. 

Our beaches are the best in the world. I’ve been to Spain, Portugal, Croatia, and everywhere people have always told me, get ready for the beaches. Hate to break it to you, every time I give them a, meh, I’ve seen better. You know where? Sydney! Your super yacht hire on the harbour will be within close distance to a beautiful beach. Take the tender out for a short ride, or the helpful crew on your yacht can help you arrange a harbour beach experience and will be able to find you a secluded spot around the harbour you never knew was there.  Sydney’s beaches are the envy of the world, so don’t forget to live it up in your own backyard. 

From Day to Night: Your Ultimate Superyacht Fiesta

Incredible experiences are made to share, so while a  Mediterranean cruise is fun, most of your favourite people won’t be there. Why leave all your friends with FOMO, when you can include them in the fun!?

Some Sydney Superyachts boast capacity of up to 200 guests! These beautiful vessels provide the perfect daytime or night time venue for more than just a few of your favourite guests. Enjoy Sydney Harbour with your mates, the way it’s meant to be enjoyed. 

Picture this: the sun making its grand exit, going down over the Harbour Bridge, painting the sky in hues of orange and pink, while the iconic Sydney Opera House takes centre stage. You and your crew are kicking back on your private yacht, sipping on delicious drinks and enjoying a feast fit for royalty. It’s like a scene straight out of a Hollywood movie, but guess what? This is your life now. 

As the night winds down, wave goodbye to a few that need to head back to shore, and let the evening continue with an overnight hire on your chosen yacht. By combining your yacht hire with an overnight stay, just because the sun goes down, doesn’t mean the party has ended. The accommodation on Sydney superyachts are first class! Who needs a private suite, when you have a full yacht!? You’re retreating to your own personal sanctuary on the water, complete with a Jacuzzi (on certain boats).  A perfect way to end the night. Talk about living the high life, right?

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Plotting Your Course: The Ultimate Sydney Harbour Yacht Adventure

Sydney Harbour is full of beautiful landmarks that delight and inspire as you cruise by. It’s like having your own treasure map, except instead of X marking the spot, you’ve got a treasure trove of options all around Sydney Harbour. Sail past the Opera House, drop anchor by a secluded beach for a dip, or sneak away to a hidden bay for a candlelit dinner under the stars – the choices are as endless as the ocean itself.

With warm temperatures, jumping in for a dip is a great way to cool down and enjoy the calm Sydney Harbour waters. Get the crew to bring out the water toys, or inflate the slide. You’ll be getting ready for a beautiful day in the water. As you exit, your drink of choice will be waiting, and the sundecks are waiting for you to dry off, and soak up those beautiful rays.

Food for thought. Your menu, your way. 

Your taste, your style, we’ve got you covered. Superyachts in Sydney boast some of the most delicious local food on offer. With a private chef on board, you can have it your way; from a delicious seafood buffet (with lots of  prawns on the barbie), to an avocado and toast to start your day, you’ll be posting those insta-worthy food pics long after your cruise ends. 

The yachts come with a fully stocked bar, and specific requests can be made to make sure your bar collection is stocked with drinks of your choice. From perfect local or imported wines, beers, and spirits, you’ll be ready to toast before every sip. Don’t forget, you’ll get coffee the Australian way. And the Australians know their coffee!

Breaking It Down: How Much for Your Superyacht Below Deck Sydney Fantasy?

That sounds like a blast, but let’s get down to business: how much does it cost to hire a superyacht in Sydney and throw a Below Deck style adventure? Don’t worry, it’s not as scary as you think. Let’s dive into Sydney Superyachts; whether it’s a 4 hour hire for over 100 guests, or overnight hire for you and your closest mates, let’s see what some of Sydney’s biggest yachts have to offer.

*Rates listed are subject to change

Cosmos II

Looking up at the stars just hits different when you’re cruising on Cosmos II. This superyacht is perfect for your day (or night) out on Sydney Harbour. From the rooftop sundeck, to the beautiful dining area, your luxury experience on the world famous harbour awaits. 

Cosmos 2 Yacht Hire Sydney - Slide Side View
  • Yacht type: 32 Meter Lloyd’s Super motor yacht
  • Daytime capacity: 112
  • Overnight capacity: 12
  • Hourly Rates from $2,100/hour


Corroboree Yacht Hire Sydney

Live large on Corroboree. This luxury yacht sets the scene for your wildest dreams with the perfect entertainment space for an overnight experience. Bask on the sundeck, or lounge in the luxury interior. This superyacht is perfect for the ultimate corporate celebration, milestone party or family overnight yacht experience. 

  • Yacht type: 34 Meter Lloyd’s Super Motor Yacht 
  • Daytime capacity: 110
  • Overnight capacity: 12
  • Hourly Rates from $2,600/hour

Ghost 2

Ghost 2 Boat Hire

One of Sydney’s most recognisable yachts, you won’t be afraid of this ghost as you step onboard. Ghost 2 has been providing world class experiences on Sydney Harbour since 2016. She’s one of the only superyachts that’s in town all year round and is the perfect venue for your big ‘0’ birthday or that corporate event. 

  • Yacht type: 37.1 Meter Majesty Superyacht
  • Daytime capacity: 110
  • Overnight capacity: 12
  • Hourly rates from $2,800/hour


Shadow’s sleek design will turn head as you cruise past on this luxury yacht. Multiple entertaining levels, a jacuzzi on the bow, and sleek interior makes Shadow the ultimate venue for your next event where you need to impress.

Shadow - Sydney Harbour Mega Yacht for private hire
  • Yacht type: 30.6 Meter Nadara 30, Tecnomar Superyacht
  • Daytime capacity: 90
  • Overnight capacity: 8
  • Hourly rates from $3,000/hour

Masteka 2

Joining Sydney Harbour in 2023, Masteka 2 is one of the more recent additions to the Sydney Superyachts. This 80 passenger beauty has everything you’re looking for in your luxury yacht space. Jacuzzi, check. Sundeck, check. Formal dining area, check. Ready to check it out for yourself?

Masteka 2 - Superyacht for Hire on Sydney Harbour
  • Yacht type: 37.1 Meter MonteFino yacht
  • Daytime capacity: 80
  • Overnight capacity: 12
  • Hourly rates from $3,250/hour


Oneworld is one of the premier yachts found on Sydney Harbour. Since 2018, it has offered a first class experience. Multiple decks offer ample entertaining space with a luxury feel. You’ll have a tough time choosing where you want to spend your time, from relaxing in the jacuzzi, to soaking in the views and sun on the bow sundeck. 

Oneworld superyacht hire - Sydney Harbour megayacht for private groups up to 100 people
  • Yacht type: 32 Meter Majesty 100 yacht
  • Daytime capacity: 100
  • Overnight capacity: 12
  • Hourly Rates from $3,300/hour


This is the Sydney Superyacht. Boasting the largest capacity of all Sydney yachts, you can have a bash of up to 200 guests by day, and up to 12 overnight. Complete with sundecks, a jacuzzi, gym, rain shower master bedroom, Mischief doesn’t miss a thing. This is the yacht that makes the Mediterranean boats blush. 

Mischief Boat Hire
  • Yacht type: 54 Meter Baglietto super yacht
  • Daytime capacity: 200
  • Overnight capacity: 12
  • Hourly Rates from $5,500/hour

Now that you’ve got your eye across the yachts sailing around Sydney Harbour, please pick your jaw up off the floor, and wipe the drool away. Don’t worry, we do this too.

Were you able to pick a favourite? Our team is ready to talk you through your luxury superyacht hire on Sydney Harbour. We’ll share with you their up to date menu, to choose your food and drink packages to add to your experience. From water toys to tenders, we also have all the add ons that’ll make your superyacht hire complete. If just a 4 hour hire isn’t enough, we can also let you know about overnight yacht hire, on these beautiful luxury yachts.

Plan Your Below Deck Style Super Yacht hire on Sydney Harbour

The Below Deck fantasy you’ve been craving is no longer out of reach. Sydney Harbour is your ticket to superyacht paradise, offering sparkling views, unbeatable convenience, and a choice of luxurious yachts that could rival anything on the telly. So, why wait? Dive headfirst into the Sydney waters and pick your favourite yacht to rival the Below Deck boats you watch every week. Your own superyacht adventure is just a click away! Talk to us about afternoon, evening, or overnight superyacht hires, and let’s make your Below Deck dreams a reality.

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